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Global Partners

Global Offshore / Tifa World Wide in USA

Global Offshore Petroleum services in partnership with TIFA world Wide in USA is a leading provider of Subsea support services to the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in the Gulf Of Mexico.
We operate a modern fleet of ROV systems supporting our clients in a diversa range of offshore projects ranging from Platform Inspections to Field Developments.
Global\'s in-house built ROV systems and remote intervention equipment and our global team of experienced Project Managers, Engineers, Survey Personnel and ROV Personnel ensure our clients receive quality Service delivered Safely, On-Time and Under Budget. Our Subsea/ROV Services include
·         Construction Support
·         Drilling and Well Completion Support
·         Inspection, Repair & Maintenance
·         Remote subsea intervention tooling design, build, test and operation
·         Subsea Engineering
·         Remote Intervention Project Management
Global is a leader in Inspection and Survey technology and offers a broad range of Pipeline, Platform and Subsea structure inspection services from Shallow water to 10,000\' .
Our modern fleet of electric powered Inspectiob class ROV systems includes systems ranging from Hand Held portable systems for Quick Call out projects to larger 2,000 meter rated Inspection systems mobilised on Vessels of oportunity or Drilling platforms for long term projects. Our Larger 3,000 meter (10,000\') Workclass systems can be mobilised on Vessels of Oportunity from 195\' and up as well as on Drill Ships and Platforms for long term drilling projects.
No matter if the requirement is for Observation, Sensor Deployment, Seabed Survey, Pipeline and Platform Inspection or Intervention task requiring Multiple systems, Global has the required equipment for the project.
·         Platform and Pipeline Inspections
·         Flooded Member Detection Surveys
·         CP/CD Surveys of Pipelines, Platforms and Structures
·         FPSO Hull and Turret inspections
·         Anchor Chain Inspections and Measurements
·         Leak Detections, Investigations and remediations
·         Subsea component Change-Out
·         DIver Support/Observation
Global Subsea can provide a reliable and highly innovative services focusing on Subsea Engineering and Intervention tooling solutions from design, fabrication, testing to final completion and useage.
·         Design and fabrication of Intervention Tooling
·         Tool Deployment Units, Baskets, Skids and TMS mounted Tool Holders
·         High Range Torque Tools
·         Subsea Tree Interface Packages
·         High Range System Survey Skids
·         Client & Project Tool Inventory Management and Maintenance
·         ROV Tooling Skids
·         Consulting and Studies
·         Design of Intervention Tooling Equipment for
·         -Pipeline repairs
·         Anode Retrofits
·         Subsea Cutting
·         Many More Intervention Designs
Global Subsea Services designs, builds and operates a fleet of Micro-Class, Observation Class, Medium size Inspection Class and WorkClass ROV systems. Global is also designing and building its own class of Highly adaptable Survey Class ROV Systems. These systems support our clients Drilling operations and Subsea projects based around the world.
Our ROV systems are comprised of the best system components. Our ROV and Survey helpline provides 24-hour support to Offshore clients and support teams around the world to ensure minimum downtime and ease of Maintenance for our ROV systems and teams.
Exploration Drill Rig Support
·         Exploration
·         Completions, Work-Over Support
·         Pipeline surveys
·         Platform Surveys
·         Subsea Structure Surveys
·         Subsea Structure Installation
·         Pipeline Touchdown Monitoring
·         Suction Pile Installations
·         Jumper Installations
·         Manifold, Tree, BOP Installations
The Global ROV Training programs prepares both Trainee and Experienced personnel in various fields of ROV operations. The Training facility provides a dedicated classroom for letures, powerpoint and theory, Dedicated workshop for hands on repairs, Troubleshooting and system construction and integrations as well as the ROV-Sim Pro simulator offering various simulations for both the new Trainee technicians and pilots to the most experienced ROV Supervisors.

WGP Group

The WGP Group is a British marine geophysical services company based in the South West of the UK delivering a wide range of technologies and services throughout the global upstream oil and gas industry.

Established in 1990 as a bespoke project management and geophysical services company the WGP Group has evolved to provide the following core services:

  • Marine 2D Data Acquisition
  • Geophysical Project Managment
  • Ocean Bottom Seismic
  • Magnetic and Gravity
  • Life od Field Seismic (4D)
  • Portable Seismic Source (PMSS™)

The company has achieved an enviable track record, working in some of the most challenging areas of the world. Together with its QHSSE accreditation and focused mission statement, the company, led by its management team, has the knowledge, capability and determination to continue to grow and deliver technical excellence to our current and future clients in a safe, cost effective professional manner.

OceanFix international

Since the early 80’s ,Oceanfix International provide a comprehensive land, hydrographic and geophysical survey consultancy service based on the company\'s experience from over 20 years working in the construction and energy sectors.

The company provides senior personnel for survey project management, client representation and overall quality control for all types of work that involves data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Oceanfix International offer independent and unbiased advice from a dedicated team of professionals with a proven track record and sound problem-solving abilities.